Collective process: what is going on in the atmosphere, how it influence you and how to deal with it

This is my first blog that i share on Elpha, so kinda nervous. You probably don't know me, but i am Blanchefleur and i am coaching people on awarness, help them to get them back in to there on power and how to work with their onw inner being.

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Yes, another transformation is going on, in this one is heave and slow moving. There are days that you feel the energy is great and everything is making sense and there are days that everything is blurry and vague. Let see what is going on in the world.

Here we go in a nutshell

If you notice that you need to work 'harder' to stay in balance or to keep your focus on the positive things. You feeling low in your energy or feeling lost from time to time? Experience unpleasant cold feeling (not from the weather) especially in the evening, feeling something is off, you know that unheimlich or uncanny feeling? You might even have more feelings popping-up of being unworthy, shame or feeling of incapable. Really weird dreams or nightmares. Well, maybe this explains why.

Because of the transformation cycle the world can feel like a place that is in a darker stage at the moment. Old keeps popping up and things can feel heavy and slow.

How does it looks like? In the atmosphere there is a sort of heaviness going on that looks like thick dark peck. This peck influences the planet (other planets as well). This peck really influences your thought pattern. It influences by brain control to let you think or say thinks that will disconnect you from your heart space. And on an emotional level by feeling not being good enough or feelings of despair giving up on your projects etc. And one day you feel better than the next day.

Try to watch your thoughts carefully and observer your emotions and thoughts. It is not who you are is what you are experience. So, you can choose other thoughts. heal the wounds what is beneath the emotions to let them go. And protect yourself good so the negativity will have less influence on you.

Your masculine energy can help you with guiding your emotions so you will not be over the place all the time........

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