How to take growth into your own hands?

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@Romeesa Hey Romeesa, it's pretty amazing that you're so invested in your role. I'm a founder, and am currently managing just one marketer - so I hope I can give interesting feedback!For me, the best possible outcome is having the marketer get baseline expectations perfect (making sure creative, copy and campaigns and running and achieving clear KPIs) before exploring anything additional. When they do, it's my hope that they identify gaps within their own workload and opportunities to improve through self-development/education.Ideally, you'd be really comfortable getting the work done to your CEOs expecations,, and then take a curious approach to what else could be done and assess what you need in order to achieve it.Hope that helped!
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Thank you Alisha! This is helpful, definitely a good reminder to get a quality foundation first before diving into new paths. Appreciate your kind words :)