*Experiences, tips and rants about BRAS * Have you found the perfect bra?

Hi everyone, I love reading the advice and community from the forums on elpha. Women supporting women.I’ve been frustrated that many of us have to go through such a long journey to find a comfy BRA. Discomfort from BRAs should not be normalized! I would love to hear any tips you have and or your journey to know your BRA size, fit, and resources. Looking forward to talking with you :)
Hii @Romeesa, I have love-hate relationship with them :) You should check this thread it might be informative!
Can't wait to read the answers here! I have yet to find a comfy bra, to the point where I've largely stopped wearing one because of it!
Feel like most of us have this sentiment especially after staying at home for a while. Thanks for letting me know :)
I just wear sports bras, if I wear one at all. I’m small enough to get away without one. If it’s warm I don’t bother, but if there’s a bit of a chill, I wear one for the extra layer. If I’m wearing a dress I tend to use the stick on rabbits (not sure what they’re called, but essentially like a large, skin coloured, fabric pastie, shaped like a rabbit head, that sticks to your skin & is reusable). I ditched underwire years ago as they’re nasty!!! They never fit everywhere - especially when one breast is slightly larger then the other. Hope this helps.
Ah I know the rabbit stick ons! They are great for nipple coverage for sure. If you don't need the support I can understand why you'd ditch them. Ah tell me about it! Asymmetrical breasts is more common than we think. Thanks for sharing your experience <3
No such thing as a comfy off-the-shelf bra 😂 One day I hope to have some custom-made but for now I just go without them and I’m much happier for it 🦄
Custom-made bras, now that sounds comfy for sure. I can already imagine the price tag on that :') I'm with you for being happier without them. Now that things are opening and I'm back to wearing bras more often. Thanks for sharing :)
Why even put them back on? 😂 I came across a great TED talk the other day which might be of interest to you 😊
oh, thank you! Ahaha i feel you, when one only has worn bras that cause discomfort, you never want to wear it again
I tried to address this issue over the summer and came up with this quiz: you're shopping for a bra, It would mean so much if you tried my quiz (takes 5 min or less). Hopefully, this can provide more insights into making bra discomfort a thing of the past!