Independent Learning

I'm transitioning form my start-up marketing job where i was the first marketing hire to taking some time to learn on my own and become a subject matter expert on social media for founder-led marketing for start-ups. Have you gone through independent learning outside of work? If so what were some important factors for success? I've got a schedule to cover details and list of podcast episodes and blogs from other key marketers in this space. Will be going through them and taking notes.

Any one accelerate their career through self-directed learning? I plan on learning outside of work, as I realized i was so caught up with compelting one task after the other at work, that I barey had time to dive deep into learning and finding the best new strategies, toold, and inspiration.

Appreciate all the learners here!

First off big congratulations on taking this "self-imposed" challenge! In many ways I feel like my work has been learning independently so I have done this over and over again. I'd say what has been very helpful is learning from others via: podcasts, identifying thought leaders and reading/hearing what they have to say, and connect with peers/people who are in these roles or doing that type of work and working from them!it's like customer discovery if you will!
Thank you! I love that it's ingrained into your work. Do you have dedicated time scheduled into your day, or is it something you do with each project?
I'd say it's something I do with every facet of the job :)
I started my freelance copywriting business just over 6 months ago. When I was learning about it, blogs from others in the industry, webinars, and talking to people in my network were helpful! I also took free online courses from HubSpot, Ahrefs, and to stack my resume and show that I was upskilling.
Hi Kaitlin! That's incredible, congratulations for starting that business. I would love to stay connected and follow your journey!
I understand you so well. Being web developer I worked as a product manager at a startup for 9 months and realized that product management is my great passion. After I left, I wanted to transition from web development to product management and am currently finishing a PM specialization. I constantly watch YouTube videos, listen to podcasts, and read a lot on the subject.Unfortunately, I no longer work as a PM, so I really lack practical experience. If you have the opportunity to study and work in a new role at the same time, don't quit your job. Practice is very important; it helps develop quickly, gain experience, and understand the theory better.
I'm so glad this resonates with you. That's great to hear that you found an alignment in the product manager role at that start-up. Having come from a startup space, i know it can allow you to dive into different disciplines. I got a wide exposure outside of just my marketing function, however I found it limiting that I barely had time to do explore what I wanted to focus on in the business.
Independent learning is a constant struggle! I have shiny object syndrome, which means that I've bought too many online courses. In my experience, the most important factor for success is consistency. 1-2 hours or 10 minutes every week... I think, as long as you're moving forward, that's all that matters. I used to dedicate every Saturday for learning, but found it to be ineffective as I wanted to save my weekends for my friends and family. I'm experimenting alternatives and trying to see which sticks. :)
Thanks for sharing Priscilla. It is a constant work in progress for me too! I used to think as long as I have the intention and spend time towards it. However I realize just spending time isn't enough and goal-setting for an outcome is beneficial. I've tried allocating a day of the week and sometimes evenings. I took a step back and realize that i'm most productive in the mornings and I'm trying out focused learning before work hours. I'm hopeful this time!
One of the key pieces I've found is having an accountability partner who you check in with and tell them what you are going to accomplish and will be willing to go deep with you when you don't accomplish what you said you would. It's been the thing that has been key to helping me build my business and make the most out of the independent learning that I've taken on solo.