Beta testing *Resume Review Game* - get feedback on your resume anonymously so you can make improvements

Win! Our team at LessonsUp is focusing on building & compiling free and useful tools to help job-seekers in tech, and The Resume Review Game is LIVE.

Why? Because the hiring process is pretty opaque and frustrating, oh and biased. Creating and sharing tools that elucidate what hiring managers and recruiters are looking for can help underrepresented people with the skills (but not the professional network) access more opportunities.

We built a Resume Review Game that enables you to get anonymous feedback from other tech professionals.

Here's how it works: You upload a PDF of your resume (remove identifying info or leave it if you want increased professional exposure), and other tech professionals (who have also contributed a resume) get to scan yours for 10 seconds (like a recruiter) and tell you what stands out to them.

If your Key Results & strengths aren't obvious, you're less likely to be moved forward in the hiring process, thus the simplicity & helpfulness of the game.

Anyway, it's beta, it's free, it's simple, and it's actually fun! Give it a try and let us know what you think so we can make more improvements!

Also feel free to share, so that more people can benefit from getting feedback on their resumes.

And yes, you can use the feedback to re-upload a resume that replaces your previous resume. :-)

Hope you like it!