Starting a business is easy, keeping at it is the real challenge

🙌I have the pleasure to share my FIRST ARTICLE🙌A couple of weeks ago, I was invited by Daniel Jiang to write the lessons that I have learned during the almost "one year", since I have started in the entrepreneurship world like a founder, in his blog "Viral We Grow"🤔I wasn't very sure if I had enough experience to write an article sharing something valuable.🙌After analyzed in retrospective this year 2020, I found that there are some lessons that I have learned,, I have gained my first experiences and I thought, "why not share these lessons and help others who are starting like founders?".☑I started to document each step and I found valuable things that definitely worth sharing.📜This article resumes my experience in almost "one year" in the entrepeneurship w world like a founder, here, I expressed all the thoughts that I have been having in my head during the last months.💭This is a reminder too of the beginning of my journey full of unexpected things that when I will see in the future I hope to remember.