FOUNDERS - Inbox me your elevator pitch on LinkedIN to widen your reach

I plan to do a #followfriday post to my network (which includes investors, startups & potential customers) a list of great startups (you guys) to follow that are launching or just launched.

This list will also be included in my Weds LI newsletter (1200 subscribers).

The purpose is to get more eyeballs on your launch to help support your growth and widen your reach. There are some rules tho...

1. Your pitch must be short, clear & unique. What problem do you solve, who do you solve it for (ICP), unique value prop (UVP), and the transformation that occurs.

2. You are solving a REAL problem which has been verified by user and/or revenue traction.

BONUS POINTS: Your service/product also helps startup growth.


1. send me a LinkedIN connection a note saying "connecting from ELPHA to pitch for #followfriday".

2. When I accept, send me your elevator pitch with supporting website/deck (check out my last post here on "what is an elevator pitch" for reference).

3. Comment a little about your journey when I post on Friday in the comments ( I will tag you on it).

4 Engage, follow, connect with all other startups in the post in support of each-others' journeys.

That's it.

Looking forward to seeing some fantabulastical startups and helping get more eyeballs on what you are building! :D