Looking for a technical co-founder who's interested helping others build stronger friendships

Hello! I'm Caitlyn and I'm a co-founder of Reyla along with MaryBeth (@mbmcivor). We are looking for a technical co-founder who can be just as passionate about our idea as we are. We're working on building an app that can help women build and strengthen their friendships. We all know how tough things have been with the ongoing pandemic, and for many of us, it highlighted just how tough it can be to not only maintain existing relationships but also to make and build new ones that can grow strong, lasting, and meaningful. What we're building is meant to ease that burden.

If that problem sounds like one that interests you, and you have the ability to build a mobile app from the ground up, then please reach out!

About us. I'm a product designer and have been in the design world for 8 years. Recently I was a part of Compass (the real estate company) and helped work on the product that helped the company go public. Before that, I've worked at startups small and medium (Sandboxx, Storyblocks) and also at The Atlantic and my own freelancing work. MaryBeth is a branding designer with experience in fintech. She also worked at Storyblocks (where we met!) and Fundrise, Truebill, and the founding team at Pillar which was acquired by Acorns. We have both been a part of startups that have successfully exited and we're excited for the big things we plan to build.

We're looking for a talented and friendly technical co-founder we can really get along with and who brings passion and energy to the team dynamic. We're hoping that with the three of us, we can go far. I'll be covering Design and Product, MaryBeth covers Marketing and Operations, and now all we need is you to cover Engineering.

Thanks for reading this far and I really looking forward to chatting with you. And if you want to do a little internet stalking take a look!

Thank you 😄
I didn't! Thank you!
Hi! If you happen to be in London on July 5th, Hotbed and SeedLegals are hosting a co-founder pitch night. 😄
I'm US-based, but now I want to be in London 😭 Is there a way to participate virtually?
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