Let's Play A Game!

Hello, Elpha fam!

Let's play fill in the blanks, shall we?!

I Empower My Team To Be ___________ Leaders.

Comment below what you think should be the most relevant answer to the blank.Excited to read the answers!

#Empowerment #LeadershipJourney

Competent! What would be yours?
Love it!For me it would be- Visionary
This! Seeing things beyond what they are - It's a superpower!
i love it! why is that?
So i believe if you are not a Visionary then you cannot be dynamic right!I need to dream big and have a good vision to think beyond my boundariesOnly then will i be able to make dynamic decisions and have the appetite to take some risks for a brighter future!
love this! how do you "train"/empower someone to be visionary? can it even be taught?
Disruptive.Why do it the way everyone else is doing it, or the way everyone else has done it when you can be innovative AND find the way that works best for the team/situation/space?
I love that! @marieofvenus That is exactly how it should be- standing tall and different from the crowd!
Yes! And...... celebrating the unique reasons and differences that set things apart!