Monday Blues- Feeling anxious at a networking event!

Feeling introverted and anxious about networking events is a common experience for many people. I just thought of sharing that i felt something similar recently as well!

But sometimes the most unexpected connections can lead to big opportunities.

Additionally, consider setting specific goals for each networking opportunity to help you stay focused and engaged.

You never know where a simple conversation can lead

@Palomi that is the best attitude to take! I would add that your specific goals should be to introduce yourself to a certain number of people. Unless you know which people are there in advance (which sometimes you do), you can't guarantee you'll connect with the right people. Making your goals achievable and attainable (like saying you'll introduce yourself to at least three people, as opposed to focusing on specific roles when you don't know who's coming) gives you a better chance of reaching your goal.
Very well said! @rachellevysarfin I will surely try the introduction method you suggested and see how I feel about the sameThank you for sharing :)
You're very welcome! Good luck, and enjoy your next event!