Data Science or History of Art/Archaeology?......

Hi everyone!

This is my first post and I really hope that you ladies can help me out! I am stuck at a real crossroads. I will try my best to explain succinctly...

I am 34 years old and I am just starting my undergraduate degree. I have failed to remain at university in the past (I started degrees in maths, physics, engineering and geology and had to leave each time due to health) due to a severe health condition, which is now resolved, so I am finally making up for lost time 😊 In 2018 I did manage to complete 2 years of a degree in Geology and Archaeology but again had to leave due to health.

I started back at university in September last year studying for an MA in Art History and Archaeology at a very prestigious university. I also work in a museum and I LOVE my job, hence the choice of degree.

However I think that deep down I'm a science girl. I miss the structure and satisfaction of maths and statistics. I also have high functioning autism and I therefore am a whiz with science and data but the long, convoluted readings for the arts and humanities are not really as suites to me. I also heard that there are very few jobs in the art history/Archaeology field and the ones that do crop up are pretty low/average pay, and highly competitive to get into.

So I actually applied to an online degree in data science with the Open University which starts now.... And I was accepted. But now I just don't know which to do! I love both fields and I'm finding it really hard to make a decision. Any insights or advice that you can give me would be extremely helpful and appreciated!

PS - I live in Scotland so I do not have to pay for tuition so this is not a factor in my decision making!

Hi @laurenmackenzie, I'm Rachel Serwetz, a Career Exploration Coach ( I'd suggest first getting a deep understanding of what career path you want to pursue and why you'd be a great fit for that path. I'd recommend pursuing the process of career exploration, which will help you in turn to most easily narrow down and wisely choose a fitting major, classes, activities, internships, jobs, and more. Career exploration is a series of steps of practical learning and self-reflection in order to compare, contrast, and clarify which career path you are most confident in pursuing. Specifically, it will help you understand and prioritize which role, industry and environment is the best fit for you. While clarifying your ideal path can never be a quick answer resolved on a thread, it doesn't have to take forever either, or be as daunting as it seems. With 2-3 months, you can gain confidence in your direction by ensuring you learn enough about the options and reflect on what it means for you, to find the best possible fit. Happy to chat further if you like! Free coaching call here -->
No answers just more questions:1. Can you combine both studies and delay the decision?2. What makes you live your job at the museum?3. What type of life do you want to have when you are older?Also remember you can always switch later. A degree feels final, but it isn’t.