What's the most important thing to feel confident about?

The thing that can make the greatest difference – right now.

What would you say? Please humor me and play along. Maybe even write down your answer before reading mine ...

I am convinced that the most important thing to feel confident about is our ability to learn something new.


Confidence builds on past experience – but in today's world we are constantly facing new situations and challenges.

The only experience you may have to draw on is that you have done other new things before, that you are a quick thinker, or an avid learner.

My personal mantra for these situations is:

“I've always figured things out. I'll figure this one out too.”

In other words, I am confident in my ability to learn something new.

Can you see a thought like this help you feel more confident when facing a new challenge?

What could this thought be for you?

I'd love to hear your ideas!

Totally agree with this! The more we learn, the more we feel confident with sharing the info and building a community :)
IMO, the one thing to be most confident about is the belief that we are where we are in our lives for a reason. It might not make any sense whatsoever while we are in it, it will eventually make sense!
So, so true! It can be such a mind-blowing moment when certain struggles or situations suddenly make sense (or turn out to have been a blessing in disguise). It's also a good reminder to keep the anxiety level down!