Do you think that it is not possible? Many think of it as a very very hard exercise, which only very fit people can do. I've been there too.

With a bit of consistency you can get that first one.

This is the program I wish I had before I could do pull ups.

You CAN do pull ups my friend.

Are you ready to do your first one?


I need this I can't do a pull up until it's assisted!
Many people struggle with pull ups. You can also do one Iynna! With some patience, consistency and hard-work.
Very true! How did you get better and I suppose eventually led you to create a guide?
Having a plan and just following it was the key. Like that I didn't have to worry if I was doing great or not, I was just doing what was written in the plan. It was often more mental than anything else because it was frustrating to keep hanging on the bar as part of the workout seeing it so close, yet so far. After consistently training for some months I did my first repetition. You don't need as much strength as one might think, it is just that in many cases we don't train upper body strength as we used to when we were living in the wild. That's why we need to show the way to our body.Let me know if you have more questions Iynna! Would love to contribute to more women doing pull ups. Thanks for the question.
Love this! Thanks for the encouraging post!