Techie needs help with marketing

Hello ladies!

I’m a backend and web programmer. I found programming by chance and fell in love. I love what I do and wanted to add value with my own solutions.

A couple of years ago I started to get interested and to take seriously my nutrition, movement and health in general. I was so motivated that I even became certified in sports nutrition. I wanted to support others who wanted to work on their health and create a space where this could be promoted, so I created CompassMe.

CompassMe is your health partner in crime. Where you:

  1. Engage in a 5 people accountability group to help you meet your goals 🦸
  2. Track your work, on the 5 different areas of your health, daily ✍️
  3. Share struggles and victories 💪

Here my question:

any tips marketing the solution?

My cofounder and me have launched in a small community but I would like to grow the service, specially because it can help many people, it already is helping some!

Any advice on how to gain visibility for a small team is more than welcome. Thanks in advance!

Couple of questions for you: is this something you'd want to offer at the individual level ie. market it to people and they can just find their buddies and enrol in the program with CompassMe? Or is this something you'd want to offer at the enterprise level ie. for corporate/company employees to enrol and eventually act as an employee benefit maybe?If it's the first option, honestly I think you can do, paid search (improving your SEO, if you have budget for it), word of mouth (ask your friend to re-share it on IG, LinkedIn, Elpha etc.), engage with TikTok content strategy (write blog posts and have some of your initial super users give testimonial or maybe guest write a post), do you have a blog or do you have a public presence as a fitness enthusiast/influencer maybe? It's okay if you don't, but if you do, you can certainly leverage it.If the second option: a combo of the ideas above + a process on how to reach out to HR or employees at companies
Hey Iynna, first thanks for the answer.Didn't think of the second option to be honest but it is a good strategy with one contact point to reach out to more people! Will think about it to leverage it that way. At the moment I have a small audience in twitter but it is a combination of tech and health, mainly tech to be honest. Your input is very helpful so thanks for that again!
Congratulations @julialvarez, how exciting. And absolutely great suggestions from @iynna. I would just like to give you some flowers - you have started your marketing here by just posting the question and letting people know about CompassMe. Marketing is all about visibility. So, sharing in groups (where it is allowed), working with owners of groups, getting exposure by doing podcast, partnering with a health newsletter owner - you get the picture. Partnerships with people who cater to your audience can work well to build momentum. Also, if your budget allows, invest in audience research, this will give you insight into where your audience is online and may uncover some hidden gems and interesting promotional opportunities.
Hi Nyaima, your words are very nice, thank you! I can totally agree that giving exposure to the project is positive. I got interviewed in two podcasts and we keep on improving on how to achieve this. Will keep your words in mind. Very much appreciated.
Hi there!Iynna made a great point about targeting businesses vs consumers. In addition, paid search, increasing the content on your site for SEO (and helping people understand more about the product/its benefits), and leveraging influencers can definitely help you increase your online presence and validate different assumptions about your product and audiences. Another angle to consider here might be offline strategies. For instance, if you're targeting people who are already interested in one type of fitness, for instance, going to the gym, CompassMe could help them connect with others who can keep them accountable and improve/maintain other areas of their health. Therefore, it might be worthwhile to go to your local gym (and/or gyms in your area) and ask if you could put up a few flyers about CompassMe (preferably with a QR code). In my experience, a flyer next to a water fountain works well. While the reach of this strategy is limited, it is extremely low cost and can help compound word of mouth referrals, etc.Overall, this sounds like an exciting product that could help many people! I'd love to hear more about what you've tried and what has/hasn't worked so far!
Hey Dana, very nice knowledge shared here! Quite some good points. The QR code is a nice and easy way to promote the service. Thanks for the nice words. So far what worked best was to share the solution in a community where my cofounder and I met. The community is of online entrepreneurs.