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I found this article, "What We Can All Do to Fight Climate Change" to be interesting and helpful. https://medium.com/@loladamski/what-we-can-all-do-to-fight-climate-change-e94f53f39879I also recently read in Vogue Business on the clothing/fashion rental/resale front that the best thing we can do is to buy less items and use them longer.
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This is a great article — really well-organized and full of lots of good ideas!
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Putting aside for a moment the fact that we are not individually responsible for fixing this, nor can we, since the largest polluters by MILES are corporations and the whole idea of a personal carbon footprint was an advertising campaign made up by BP in 2005, I do agree that small habit changes will perhaps change the attitude of society and start forcing corporations to be more responsible. In that vein, I recently read that EMAILS are one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions! All those unread email subscriptions that pour into your inbox on a daily use energy to send and of course we don’t think of it that way because all we see is text on screen! So unsubscribing from everything you don’t actually read is something extra you can do (it’ll have the double benefit of improving your mental health because you don’t have to deal with emails 😂)Other than that, and the obvious stuff like try and use less plastic and create less waste etc (though let go of the guilt when you do use plastic because it’s basically impossible to avoid), green legislation really is the only thing that’s going to make a significant impact.
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I'm a big fan of unsubscribing to emails to make sure my Inbox doesn't get cluttered but am glad to learn that it's also better for our environment!