POLL: We are entering Q4 - how are you fairing on your 2021 goals? 💥Already hit them 🌱Getting there 🤔Not sure 💬I've pivoted 🕶️ I don't do goalshttps://lu.ma/q4planning

Ah, fall, time for cozy sweaters, shorter days, and throwing in the towel on our goals.

Just kidding about that last part, but seriously, it's so common to want to abandon our goals as soon as the holidays begin to appear on the horizon.

You can absolutely enjoy the holidays and finish the year strong in relation to your goals.

You just need a plan you're actually excited to stick to.

That's why I'm hosting an event next week, to support those of us who want it, in setting goals and creating an inspired plan of action for the rest of this year.

If you:

a. like/could use structure, support, accountability to help you with planning

b. are interested in a more easeful approach to reaching your goals

c. like being in community

I'd love to support you in it! And it's totally free (these calls are my way to give back to the community).

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Please send me info for the event 😊
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Hi Larissa! Here's the event page link https://lu.ma/q4planning 😊