Help! I have under 2 yrs as a Product Manager, any advice navigating after a layoff?

Hey everyone!

As someone who has career switched a few times (communications > marketing > digital support > product manager), I have a lot of experience. My last role was at Conde Nast, where my position (PM for Publishing Core Platform) was cut short due to budget cuts right before christmas. I have been struggling to find junior/associate PM roles to even regular PM roles as most of them require 5 yrs of experience. I don't want to run back to marketing, even though its easy for me to do. Previous to Conde, I was at NPR managing a CMS platforms for member stations.

The job market has been crazy, with AI easy apply chrome extensions and multiple platforms like Otta, Elpha beyond Linkedin/Indeed/Glassdoor as options. I have exhausted my personal network, and I got Linkedin premium to message recruiters.

If anyone has any advice navigating or know any openings let me know. I am in month three of my job search, and its taking me back to the 2020 era of job hunting. Thanks all.

- Eman

I would think about how much runway you have before you financially need another job. Maybe look into marketing roles just to keep those options open and take some of the financial stress off while still pursuing PM opportunities. You could always land a marketing role and then as things open up, you'll be on the inside of that company and more likely to be able to transition into an open PM role than someone outside of the company.
I assume you are reading that as 5 years of Product Management experience vs. industry experience? That seems like a solid career path to a PM and I wouldn't sell your previous experience short and instead use it for your advantage. One of the biggest challenges I see PMs struggle with is how to effectively collaborate with Marketing.I know that doesn't help you right now but hopefully, it can give you a boost. I see a lot of marketing folks struggling to land roles as well, it's a flooded market. Combine your experience, market yourself on LinkedIn and other networking platforms (which you are doing here!), and differentiate yourself from other applicants. You've got this.
Thank you for sharing Eman!I tend to agree with Tamiko164 here, that if you need something to keep the lights on, that could be tutoring lessons, doordashing, ubering, or even a job in marketing (like literally anything to pay the bills and keep you active) and then keep looking for Product roles in that same time!Then I think you can check this Office Hours out too as this guest might be able to provide you with some perspectives
Hi Eman! Sorry you're going through a layoff + difficult job search, I'm in the same boat and can commiserate! I'm a project manager and had career switches along the way as well. I have a few soft leads right now but the one thing that has worked well for me in getting interviews or having people respond is being bold and putting myself out there - no matter how uncomfortable it is. I've messaged companies that weren't currently hiring to pitch myself, started posting more on linkedin, asked people for virtual or in person coffee dates, gone to conferences, etc. I've also been customizing my resume to each application (so tedious, but if it's at a company you really like, it's so worth it!). Lastly - check out the mom project, they have tons of openings, both contract and full time that could be a good stepping stone to buy you more time to a dream job. I hope some of this advice can help you and if anything, sending you all the good luck and good vibes for finding a job!
So sorry you're in this situation! I was laid off in January, so I'm right there with you. Four of the best pieces of advice I've put into place:1. Check out the public Slack channels at as a way to grow your network2. Take time during every week for rest and joy because this journey is super stressful and disheartening, and you have to protect yourself3. I use Teal for job tracking and to keep track of different versions of my resume. It's been stellar.4. At the end of everyday I write down what I did that day. For instance - applied to 5 jobs, followed up with so-and-so, revised my resume, bookmarked 3 companies, etc. Like a reverse to-do list. Helps me feel like I'm doing something. Hope this helps! Hang in there!