6 months and no interviews for product role - Ivy League, founder, gold medalist - please help

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I have a few questions:1/What are you doing to ensure your resume is ATS friendly?2/ Are you in touch with recruiters? 3/Why are you so keen on leaving Salesforce?4/Do you have a portfolio or something similar?5/ Where are you based? I'm assuming US, could be wrong.
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Hi OP, happy to help you. Could you email me? We are also an early stage startup that’s hiring and are somewhat in the areas you describe as being of interest. I’m sreejita@thecreatorco.com
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Hi OP, perhaps you and @AmandaMitchell could connect?
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Are you only cold applying? Are you networking or doing anything else to get in front of the right people at the company? Have you spoken to any recruiters? I’d also be happy to review your resume if helpful. Also, did you mean for this post to be public?
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Hello Reina. It sounds like you have really specific leadership skills, which would mean there's a spot out there for you. Companies value grit, adaptability and curiosity. You have all these things and more.LinkedIn is really an excellent resource. I found my (dream) job at a mid-level start up simply by amplifying my LinkedIn details in a way that felt authentic. Like you, my career trajectory has felt more like a game of hop-scotch. Recruiter emails just poured in. Editing and amplifying your LinkedIn profile takes little energy and gets you huge results. If you're interested I am happy to go over the "how" with you. Good luck with your career journey!
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Hi Reina, have you checked out the YC Startup School? great community to meet startup co-founders https://www.startupschool.org/ We at our startup company https://mrsimon.ai also looking for people to join our team, however we cannot yet offer full-time jobs, only part-time. reach out to me if interested!
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I met one of my co-founders at YC Startup school. It is a great place to find a place to belong and possibly come up with a product of your very own.
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Was part of YC Startup school in New York. Can confirm it was a great experience and networked with tons of cool people.
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Hi Reina! I understand the struggle. I quit my job last year to travel, thinking getting the next role would be easy because: I live in Seattle (great job market), I have 16 years of experience, I have a masters, and I always exceeded at my previous roles. I was wrong. It was a struggle, and from that my advice is keep trying. Especially if you have visa restrictions because that’s a constraint for a lot of companies right now. Here’s a piece I wrote about my struggles and lessons learned while looking for work this year https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/job-hunting-time-covid-19-lita-gribben-she-her-
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You don't mention your citizenship status. It's really difficult and expensive to hire non-US citizens right now. Are you a citizen?
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I think this is purely because you need sponsorship. Unless you get in with a super well-funded “startup”, you’re wasting your time.I would look for jobs that are posted on Hacker News, but when the political climate is better.If you really just want to work with startups ASAP, I recommend seeking out European, Australian, NZ startups because it’s easier to get sponsorship.The US is simply not welcoming to foreign workers and Trump even put a total moratorium on hiring foreign workers during Covid.My advice is to wait until there’s a new President to make this leap.
Reina199, If you're really targeting a small company/start-up, they rarely do a visa sponsorship (a small minority do). You need to have a GC at least. I think the Bay area is better in this than Seattle. With the current pandemic, I'm not sure how many startups are hiring and are able to do a visa sponsorship.That said, I've realized myself that being able to build a strong narrative and having a strong LinkedIn profile really is important. Please don't give up. Considering you already have a PM role, it's one less hurdle to cross. I sincerely wish you the best.
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+1 on This. I'd like to add that Canada has a startup visa program and that's also something that op can look at.
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Hi! Sorry to hear it’s been so long without a call back. That can be so demoralising. Reaching out here is a great idea! I’d love to recommend you look at BeApplied.com and try to find organisations that are using their platform to hire. The ‘normal’ process of quick resume scan first means far too many passionate and talented people are filtered out due to (often unconscious) bias. Maybe in your case recruiters think ‘they are overqualified, they won’t stick around’ or make judgements based on assumed gender or ethnicity - who knows. With Applied, employers are not cutting people off too early based on irrelevant info from a resume and they test candidates on skills without knowing who they are. At the least it means you’ll get some feedback no matter what happens and the process itself is actually a confidence booster unlike the usual way. I really recommend it. Good luck!!