Hey! Ever wondered why your audience isn't growing? Or what you can do to attract and convert those early potential customers?We ( are hosting a great new event on finding your first customers. And we are delighted to be joined by extra special guests for this one:- Marketing extraordinaire, Valentin Raspé (Moo, Pact Coffee) for a masterclass in building your audience and getting to your first 1,000 customers.- Head of Growth-turned-entrepreneur, Josh Lachkovic, to talk about how he scaled The Wine List from a side project to 1,000 paid customers.(Check out The Wine List here: will be talking about:- Why finding your first 1000 customers is scrappy- Content (creation & distribution)- How do you optimise your landing page for conversion?- When should you introduce paid social?- What's the role of brand?We'll be taking loads of questions on your specific challenges in the Q&A - as every side project or business is different!We'll be running it as a masterclass webinar (so no need to dress for the camera!) but please come with all the questions you've had around how exactly marketing works in an early stage business, creative project or non profit. It's suitable for people with a basic understanding of marketing, and those looking for a refresher.Can't wait!