Anyone here from a hedge fund or finance background?

Hi all, I currently work in technical operations in the hedge fund space. While I love this industry and what I do, lately I have been interested in exploring other long term career paths. I have strong technical skills, but I am starting to wonder if my experience is too siloed. Specifically, my concern is that it might be hard to get my foot in the door at any company that isn't focused on financial products and trading. If you came from any sort of hedge fund or finance background, I would love to hear anything about your decision making process to look for a new field, how your job search went, and what you do now! Thank you and happy Tuesday.

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Hey Natalie,@AmyRosenow, @nkg318, @yxzhang are your women! While not directly in HF, I know @katieleininger was building a solution in the space.
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Thank you Iynna! I will definitely reach out to them :)
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Of course! Best of luck to you :)