Feelings on angular?

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I feel it's a losing battle with React. I used to use Angular 1 but gave up before learning version 2. I found the Angular learning curve steep and some of it really convoluted. I did like the ionic framework though!
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convoluted is definitely the correct term, the framework is really not straight forward compared to react. For instance re-rendering is alot more straightforward with react, also having the html within the JS file is just so much easier than the angular's binding pattern
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Yea I have to use it for a client right now and after using other frameworks it feels super convoluted to me. So much boilerplate and unnecessary complexity. My biggest gripe by far though is why use observables for everything? I mean they are useful for streaming data but I feel that's a pretty specialized use case.
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This is really interesting to me. I was on a client that used Angular for the front end and I would occasionally pick up front end stories when I ran out of mobile and I found it so much easier to pattern match in Angular than React. I never know where anything is coming from in React. Maybe it's because Angular is a full framework so there was no guess work about what solution could be used.
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Maybe a little late to join this discussion, but I've worked with both React and Angular in my previous job, and I'd choose React over Angular any day. It doesn't feel nice to work in and React feels more flexible and not as tough to get into. Now I have to add, our Angular app was a monster application, huge, and a lot of legacy code that needed updates. I enjoyed working in the React environment a lot more. (A little out of scope of your question: Vue is even more fun to work with than React if it's JS frameworks we're comparing). To get back on topic: developers around me also seem to share the opinion that Angular is quite stiff and prefer React over Angular.