In high school, I wanted to be a physicist. I was told I couldn’t major in #physics because I didn’t have enough #calculus. Did it anyway. In college, I wanted to campaign for the #Olympics. I was told I “wasn’t that athletic.” Did it anyway. Was ranked between 3rd & 5th in my class for three years in a row. In my early 20’s, I wanted to become a pilot. I was told I needed to be rich and know someone with a plane. No, but did it anyway. When I decided to found a company in 2017, I was told I couldn’t do it because I wasn’t young, male, and an ivy-league college dropout. Did it anyway. We at Humaxa have made it to the final four in the Sacramento Kings Capitalize competition. There are millions of reasons why people think we can't do this. Please help us do it anyway - we are the only female-led startup in the final four.If you believe in what we at Humaxa are doing – improving the workplace for both employees and employers through #AI – please give us your vote. I would appreciate it so very much. Carolyn Peer, CEO/Co-founder of Humaxa