Coming back from holidays to the focused working mode with these 3 practical tips

It can take some time to find your focus and productive mode after coming back from a break over the holidays.

Our mind can feel more cluttered or a bit more slow than in a "normal" week - and our motivation a bit more shakey than usual.

Here are some ideas to help you get back into your work flow:

💭 Protect a bit of space in the morning for reflection, planning your day and "slow, yet mindful start"

You can use that moment for planning your week, or for short meditation to get more focused & grounded, or for setting intention how do you wanna BE and feel throughout this day.

🧠 Start off with a small work task that energises you and motivates you (even if it is not the most urgent one)

While starting with the toughest task first is a great habit, on days when we feel more slow and less focused it can be really helpful to start with a small task that will warm up our brain "muscles", and give us feeling of achievement and finishing.

🌊 Create flow ("in the zone")

Flow is the state when we are super focused and immersed in what we are doing, with enjoyment but also performing high.

For flow to happen, you need to have a clear goal for activity that you are doing (an immediate goal for these few hours while you are working on this specific thing), make sure that that goal is challenging yet achievable, and remove distractions.

So, to create more flow, check which of these 3 parameters you can do better.

Will you be using some of these?

Or perhaps you have a tip of your own to share - what helps you get in "the zone" :)

Do tell, I would love to hear :)