I haven't been as active on this platform, but I'm committed to being more engaged with this community. Life has been quite challenging recently, but it has taught me the value of patience, trust, hope, and faith. Last January, I experienced my second layoff in three years, and at that point, I was uncertain about my future. However, I'm resourceful and decided to channel my passion for helping others into creating a community where we can come together for reflection and connection.

We're all facing numerous challenges in our lives, and it's crucial that we confront the truth. These times call for community, self-care, and introspection, which is why I've felt compelled to host a wellness workshop next month. If you're someone who is beginning to make room in your life for self-care, I'd like to extend an invitation to join our community on Thursday, November 16th at 6:30 pm. For more information, please refer to the event description below.

With Gratitude,