Know anyone passionate about solving food security through science? I do!

Have you ever had the privilege of meeting someone whose unwavering passion and tireless dedication are not only inspiring but also instrumental in addressing pressing global crises?

When I first ventured into the cultivated meat space, I met this person who inspired me as she embodies the very essence of how science can be harnessed as a powerful tool to combat the complex challenges of food security on a global scale. Here’s an appreciation post!

She spent years in neuroscience and got her PhD 👏🏼. Little did anyone anticipate that this deep dive into the complexities of the brain would eventually lead her to the realm of cultivated meat. Her unique background became the catalyst for groundbreaking research and contributing to solving hunger.

Endlessly dedicated to her mission, she tirelessly collaborates with various organizations, uniting their efforts to realize the ambitious goal of scaling the cultivated meat industry.

P.S. She’s on the lookout for opportunities in the alt protein space (mainly #cultivatedmeat) and help solve food security. If you share the same passion with her or want to learn more about her story, go say hi to her on LinkedIn Eileen H. McNamara, PhD! You’ll be lucky to have her! Also... she loves dogs and soccer! ⚽️🐕