How do you prepare yourself for a new role?

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@emilybond - I'm also interested in hearing thoughts on this, as I'm starting a new role at the end of the month. Thanks for bringing this forward! :)
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I find a good part of the reason for this failure rate is because the hiring process is so inadequate in most places. Most new hires are a result of clicking socially in an interview, rather than any clear idea of what's expected of the role being communicated to or understood by the new employee.However, one of my best recommendations for folks starting new roles is to set concrete onboarding goals with their managers:- Make meeting x% of the team as much a goal as training on the required systems- Chat with your manager about what being "successfully trained" looks like -- define it and check in every 30 days or so on your progress- Start statuses with your boss early and use them to gut check priorities and ask frequent questionsI also strongly recommend reading The First 90 Days before starting any new role -- it's indispensable for getting started quickly and effectively in any new role!
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Thank you @MWagsI too am a fan of The First 90 Days and the idea of carving out time to prepare yourself. I feel it's geared towards VP+, although some content areas are beneficial regardless of level. I'm curious, do you find that the people you recommend it to make the time/energy commitment to see through the book's framework?
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It is definitely meant for your executive level, but I first read it as an entry level, freelance coordinator and was immediately obsessed with the 90-day period of time for goal-setting/reflecting. I do find that it helps more to walk people through the framework to help it stick and to help them pick and choose the elements that work best for them. Because of that, I find it resonates more with clients, with whom I can work and collaborate, rather than friends or acquaintances who I simply make the recommendation to.