Free Workshop: Navigating Chaos in your Tech Career

Hey folks- I know that right now is a chaotic time for a lot of folks, whether it's with news of layoffs, reorgs or changing priorities as a result of the broader macroeconomic climate, or just general wooziness over the state of the world can have us all feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to think of/navigate this chaos.

That's why I'm running a free workshop on navigating chaos in your tech career. While the description is specific to PM'es, anyone who works in a product-focused or product-adjacent roles can benefit from it (looking at you: design, research, engineering, analytics, marketing, data science, product operations, etc.) My hope is that you walk away with some helpful mental models and resources on how to think about chaos at organizations and make decisions at the intersection of chaos and career. If this sounds interesting to you, sign up here.

Thank you for sharing the workshop! Letting you know I've deleted your duplicate post and tagged this one under Resources as well!