Working in a Male-Dominated Workplace

Hello everyone! I've loved being able to read everyones posts but haven't seen much about being a female working in a male-dominated space. I'm looking to go into sport management and although there are women in the field, it is disproportionately men, especially the higher you get in this workspace. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for dealing with feeling like an outsider in your own group or if anyone wanted to share their thoughts on how change will or could be made. Personally, I think that it's a bit of a self perpetrating cycle becayse until there are women at the top making hiring decisions, men will favor other men in a field deemed "masculine". Obviously I think we've made some big strides in the past few decades but I wanted to see what you all thought about the subject and if you've had any personal experience or opinions about it.

Looking forward to hearing back!

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Hi!Can't personally relate to sports management but I work in tech and it's also mainly male dominated. I work at a software development agency.I would say the most important thing is finding people to work with/for that are progressive and understand the need for gender equality. At my company I work in partnerships and alliances and also research potential customers, my boss has been extremely encouraging when I mention I'd love for us to have a FemTech client (and dedicate time to finding one) so we can help the advancement of women's health!