Yesterday I was introduced to the concept of ‘spending my privilege’ by my teacher, Uma Dinsmore Tuli, who is an activist, eco-feminist and passionate Yoga Teacher. She says, each of us has a certain level of privilege, this can be our freedom - be it financial freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of time to be able to do what we want, and freedom to influence others. We can spend this privilege to support others and make this world a better place.

Yesterday Russia invaded Ukraine. More than 40 Ukrainian soldiers and 10 Ukrainian civilians have died. I have a dear friend, Roman, who is from and presently living in Ukraine. When the news broke out I was extremely worried, disturbed and upset, and have been in this state all day. Thankfully my friend is alright, though obviously shaken.

In the midst of this I mustered up courage to write this post because I think the next steps forward are the most important. This how I pledge to help:

✅ I pledge to donate all my earnings from my public InsightTimer classes from now till March to support the Ukrainian Army. You can join me this Saturday for Qigong & Yoga Nidra. We will move, shake, dream and pray for Ukraine:

✅ I pledge to share about this in every single community I am a part of, to all all people I have influence over, including the companies I work for, the people I support, those on my mailing list

✅ I pledge to declare loudly to urge others to not turn a blind eye, and instead of commenting by the side lines, take action and show your support to Ukraine.

If we want the world to be a better place, we have to be the change we want to see.


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🔹Donate to the support the wounded soldiers of Ukraine

Updating with verified credible sources to donate to: 🔹Foundation "Save the Life" (Повернись живым) - direct support of the Ukrainian army🔹Humanitarian and medical aid. Razom foundation emergency campaign: news sources: 🔹