Any thoughts on subscription-based blogging platforms?

Hi folks,

I'm an RN who works in the metabolic health space and am considering launching a subscription-based blog with a focus on the pillars of metabolic health (nutrition, stress mitigation, physical movement and sleep quality) and have started researching some different platforms.

This blog platform will be one product line in a company that I'm looking to launch in the health space.

Does anyone have insights they'd be willing to share on their experience with different blogging platforms?

Thank you in advance for your time!

Probably obvious but the first one that comes to mind was for me because of prevalence. I only have experience with it as a subscriber though and not as a writer!
Thanks for sharing your input, I've been hearing good things from folks that post on Substack.
Substack and Beehiv are the big things right nowYou can also go with Medium and then if you want to go deeper in the content creation space you can explore having a Patreon?
I haven't heard of Beehiiv so thank you for sharing that option and Patreon also wasn't one that I initially considered (and have minimal experience with), I'll have to research both of these options. Thanks for your input, appreciate it!
Of course!! Let us know what you end up deciding!
Hi! I’d like to echo other members here that Substack is a great option. I use it for a few different newsletters. I like it because it’s incredibly user-friendly, allowing you to focus on writing, not designing, the paid subscription option is built in and easy to enable, and it’s a newsletter and blog in one. They have great functionality for letting free subscribers get “previews” of paid content, etc. I’ve seen some really effective marketing used with their tools. Currently, I don’t offer paid subscriptions for my newsletters, but I may go that route in the future.
Thanks for sharing your experience on Substack and some of the options that stand out to you on this platform - appreciate it!
Any time. Wishing you the best! 😇