I am CEO at tech startup.Feeling stressed all the time. How do you deal with stress and apathy?

Hi Nataliia, I have seen many founders in this situation and it is pretty normal unfortunately, but it does not have! I am tagging @alyssapetersel who is one of the most composed founders I've ever encountered and solving for those issues. I am sure you can benefit from her own solution and by meeting her!
@iynna I always so deeply appreciate your advocacy for stronger mental health. Nataliia, I've been there! It's great to e-meet you. We at MyWellbeing ( and @findmywellbeing on socials) would be happy to help. We match folks to the right therapist or coach for them. We also work with orgs to bring mental health tips, tools, perspective and sessions to teams. Lemme know how I can best support you! <3
Thank you, Iyanna. Just knowing that there are people with the same problems is just great. Would love to know @alyssapetersel
I'm not sure if misery loves company here, but often it's nice to know you are not the only one. Having experienced high levels of stress at work to the point of it impacting my health I found the need to literally shut off all tech and walk away. Go for a walk somewhere or sit with the craziest book I could find (as it would prevent me thinking about work). That said, I think it's good for founders to have a small and safe founder group where you chat about different things almost in the style of an AA meeting. Connecting through the stress and knowing it's not just you is quite refreshing.
Yes, I found myself refreshed, as you said, after a walk on a fresh air for like 30 minutes. So just trying myself toward doing it when feeling overburdened. It may sound stupid, but it is at least making the stress not that huge.
Hi @NataliiaMarina,I see you. A lot of the initial work I do with my clients is to help them shift out of this constant state of feeling stressed. Much like you described.It is important to first identify where the stress is truly coming from. Getting past the ambitious fog of ‘work is causing my stress’ to the truth.How you are experiencing your work, your relationships, and your internal world? If you break those down, you can start taking specific actions to reduce these feelings.I’m here for you and ready to help you get back to your thriving self! Send me a message and we can set up a time to talk. Love,Louise
Hi @NataliiaMarina I’m not a founder but def felt an overwhelming year. For me I try to remind myself to take it one day at a time, when I think about the remainder of the year and what needs to happen, I get so overwhelmed and instantly want to shut down. I just try to practice a lot of self talk and just think “one day at a time, what can you do right now, in this moment” It helps sometimes and sometimes I stay up all night with anxiety 😅
Hannah, thank you. I want to use that practice this year. One day just with myself, speaking min. and calming thoughts and feeling in my head and heart.