Planning to start coding on Python. What would you recommend?

Depends what you’re planning to build/do. Are you wanting to build web apps? Or do backend development or lean more towards the data science / analysis side? If you let us know what your motivations are toward and what you’d like to build, it’ll be easier for us to signpost 😀
Ok! So basically we are building AI-driven product that works with the use of speech-to-text and natural language processing. My motivations now - is to learn the basics for better understanding our developers. Some day - become joined in development. Dont know if this was helpful.
Hey Natalila, re: NLP, I would wholeheartedly recommend the NLP courses on Datacamp. I've done them myself (also working in a NLP startup), so 100% on that. Once you're a bit more experienced in python, I would try something like the free spacy tutorial on here: <- the course is well written and pretty easy to follow. As a last bit - you should try out the Community version of Dataiku. It has some basic data science algorithms built in, and is like a low-code environment for data science. Might help when you're getting to grips with some of the maths behind DS. Hope that helps!
If you're learning for a data science / data analyst purposes, join us in to track your progress.
Thank you Maggie. Joined!
Look for a local PyLadies group - My local group is tons of fun and very helpful.
@abigray thank you so much