Looking for Market Ready Startups in Media, Entertainment, Tech for SPROCKIT

Would love to see more women-led companies in SPROCKIT - but will appreciate any referrals to great companies.Could connecting with a Fortune 500 media company take your startup to the next level? SPROCKIT is recruiting emerging companies in the media, entertainment, and tech industries to join the community and connect with corporate innovators, including Comcast, Fox, Google, Hearst, Samsung NEXT, Univision and Verizon. Apply by January 29. More info here: and below:SPROCKIT is a trusted, invitation-based global market development community of the top Fortune 500 brands, market-proven emerging companies and thought leaders in the media, entertainment and technology industries - Over the last 7 years, SPROCKIT's 170+ startups have raised over $2 billion dollars!In 2021, we’re looking for startups in the following areas:- artificial intelligence & natural language processing- advanced advertising & commerce- attribution & measurement- cloud, edge computing & advanced network solutions- consumer engagement & human machine interfaces- media workflow tools and solutions- privacy, cyber, data protection- voice / audio / in-vehicle entertainment- 5G & mobility solutions