Interracial relationships

I want to hear others experiences with interrracial relationships, dating and dealing with family and friends. Are there challenges? How do you both strengthen your bond being racially diverse? Do genetics play a part in interracial dating?

Background: As a first generation ethnic American, both my parents came from different cultures, my mother came from a diff dialect but studied and worked in metro city. She became a teacher and met my dad, who was a engineer in the big city. In the 80’s, such intercultural marriages are uncommon and unheard of. Growing up, my sibling and I both have slight communication and interaction differences from my mom’s side of the family. We were different and seen different. While my dad’s side of family, are nonexistent. At times, we felt left out by our relatives because my sibling and I are not the same as my relatives. So yes, culturally, same race, but diff dialect have major impact on both of our lives growing up as kids.

Somehow even growing up, my sibling and I are the same. We appreciate diversity and interacial dating. Perhaps, we look up to our parents subconsciously for that same type of interracial diversity and romantic interests.

What are your thoughts?

Hi! I absolutely LOVE this topic. I'll preface by saying this I am speaking from a heterosexual perspective.I too come from an interracial marriage, my mom is from Madagascar and my dad is from Cameroon. While they're both African countries, Madagascar is an island off the Indian ocean and my mother has physical traits that ressemble people from SE Asia more so than the dominant Bantu or even Fulani (which is what my dad is) tribes that you see in SSA. All this to say, at times I don't think Madagascar considers itself as an African country. Back to my parents: Their union was not accepted especially on my mother's side. Her family couldn't fathom her marrying a Black African Muslim man but eventually things got better. These experiences have also informed how I navigate the world and funny enough while I don't have a particular type I have been attracted and have dated men across races.However, I have found that in the US, everyone is extremely segregated and it's still not common to see many interracial couples esp Black women and [insert man of a different race], which is totally not the case in Europe esp France and England where I've lived before. I have found the US extremely backwards in that regards and just misaligned with my values.
Interesting, I'm from Europe, and I have the exact opposite feeling living in the US (well, NYC, so maybe not the most representative of all the US :))! It feels to me that there are more interracial couples here in NYC/the US than in Europe. In Europe I feel like there is still a remaining segregation from colonialism and that whites don't mingle/ it's not well accepted to be in an interracial relationships πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ so, maybe I'm biased and just seeing the grass as being greener/ better away from home? :)
Same! I lived in NYC. I feel like maybe there are more SE Asian and Caucasian couples in the US maybe. But again on the Black/African it’s still not super mixey.
I think it depends on the country in Europe. In France, as @iyanna said, it is really common but not so much in Germany. Also, I think a big percentage of black women aren't so open to dating outside their race.
I'm a Black woman who is widowed from a Puerto Rican man (who was bilingual) and currently in a relationship with a Colombian man who doesn't speak English. I've experienced absolutely no issues with either man's family that had to do with my race. They've all accepted me and welcomed me into their families. We enjoy things about each other's cultures and have mutual respect for each other's beliefs and traditions. We both love to dance, and our bond stays strong with other activities we do (some of which are culture-specific, such as certain foods and festivals for example).
I am sorry for your loss, @Daree and really happy you have met a new person who makes you happy and whose family has β€œadopted” you! :)