Can you afford to stay on COBRA?

The layoffs continue this year:Spotify to Announce Job CutsSalesforce announced it will layoff 10 percent of its employees or about 8,000 workersAmazon has disclosed plans to chop hundreds more Bay Area jobs.Google, CEO Sundar Pichai said the tech giant is eliminating approximately 12,000 jobs, or six per cent of its global workforce.California Unemployment $400-$850/week, average COBRA $600 individual/$2000 family/mo After you pay the mortgage/rent, car and food can you afford to stay on COBRA?

If you were laid off did your company offer to pay your COBRA payment, if so, for how long?

I wasn't impacted by the most recent round of layoffs, but I was laid off back in 2020. My company continued to pay my health insurance for a month after I was laid off, but I had to start covering COBRA on my own after that. It was incredibly expensive, and I really wish my company had been able to cover more than that because that monthly insurance payment made a very negative impact on my finances. I'm just generally appalled by how expensive basic healthcare is in this country.