Inspiration for Career Changers: Leaving my $200,000+ JOB as a LAWYER to learn to code changed my LIFE

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Omg, I love your vibe and thanks for sharing the story.👏🙌 I love watching ambitious bad ass b****** on YouTube (subscribed ofc!) P.s I actually found you through your othef channel because I was doing a water fast a few months ago. 😅
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Haha thank you! How did it go? I needed to get rid of the weight I accumulated stuck to my desk over the years! I hope you did it safely and I'm happy to see you're a subbie :-)
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It was a 10 day fast and I did it for autophagy (it worked! I had a weird lump near my wrist from hours of computer clicking) Excited to follow your journey 😊
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I love this @AdeleOg! I can completely relate to the newfound confidence that comes with learning to code -- because it's friggin' difficult. Sticking with it (and not throwing the keyboard out the window) is a huge accomplishment! Excited to see what you do next :)
Thank you so much for sharing!! I am definitely going to subscribe. I am actually considering doing the opposite-ish? I have been in tech for a decade (product management, analytics) and put off law school but “being a lawyer” keeps coming back as what I want to do next. Am I crazy? Everyone says not to go but tbh being a PM means I don’t have a great WL balance anyway.
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Hi Indira - I definitely don’t think you’re crazy! I’m always about following my intuition with no regrets so it law is calling you - then go for it! My only concern would be the training time so maybe you could consider other law adjacent careers like compliance or risk management if you don’t want to spend a lot of time retraining? All the best!
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Thanks for sharing your story @AdeleOg! Very inspiring. What an amazing journey. Where did you learn to code? In person or online?
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I learnt in person - went to a coding bootcamp called Le wagon here in London :-)
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I sent you a message on IG.