Building your personal brand early in your career

Hi ladies, I'm struggling to come up with a blurb for my 'About' section on LI that feels authentic. I graduated from college a year ago and have been working as an implementation associate for a healthcare software company for about a year. Any ideas on how to put together a personal blurb for someone who's still early in their career?

I think alot of people try to overshoot it and it can come across a la little inauthentic. I would keep it simple and basic at this stage. What you studied, your current role and what things you're passionate about (could be hobbies like hiking / writing or topics like Diversity, Climate Justice etc). But then some people may say to run with it - so it can come down to personality types (I'm introverted as you may have guessed) / what's normal for your sector. Read a few bios of other people in similar roles (or where you aspire to be ;) ) and get some inspiration from how they present themselves.
Thank you!!
I feel thissss! I also struggle with it, but there are cool sites like that helps with writing content. I've used it a few times - it's free (you get '10 credits' a month) --
This is helpful!! Thank you :)
Of course!! I was so excited when I learned about the site hahaa