Help with Landing Page feedback!

Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone could be kind enough to give me some feedback on the copywriting/value prop/design of my landing page:
Swap the video so it's on the top right-hand side and clicks to autoplay. I would have the text next to the video and increase the font size so it looks bolder. Maybe make this clear "Matcha connects your community members using AI" who are my community members? instead of "create Matcha space" should it be "Create A Matcha Space"?Instead of "Members customize" perhaps "You can customize" " so you're speaking directly to the consumer. ^ Hope that's helpful.
Hi Nicole, I don't understand what you do from that page - what is 'set and forget', what do I get after I connect? You have that in the detailed text but convert it into your title. More images, better videos.The shade of colour is a bit dull - pick crispier shade of sage.Less words and more clarity needed. Maybe images / animations? You can create free animated videos nowadays.Security is my main concern with these sort of services. Highlight what background checks you do on a person maybe?Feel free to ping me follow-on qq. Could you glance at my request as well please? you.Diana