Hi ladies, I just stumbled across Lunchclub as a networking tool that sets up 1:1 connections. I'm trying to expand my network for job opportunities. I'm curious to hear if anyone has used it lately and found it useful? All the posts about it on here that i see are from a long time ago.
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Hi Katie, Lunchclub is a great networking tool. I've met a lot of amazing people and yes, it's a great way to grow your network with people who can be interesting in professional and personal life.
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Yes, I've done about 10 Lunchclub meetings over the past year. I always find the conversations interesting and it kind of fills that gap of meeting new people that I miss from pre-pandemic life.
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Hey Katie! We have a weekly curated match on Elpha as well in case you'd like to check it out! (1:1 match with another Elpha based on a shared topic of interest)
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Thanks for sharing, @teresaman I didn't know that! I'll go check it out.
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I am on my 22 week streak now!! Around 50 or so meetings so far. All the meetings I have had were very interesting, informational and helpful. Currently , I am working with one of the connections from lunchclub on a new product.
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Wow, that's impressive! Did you go in with a specific want or just to meet new people?
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I joined to meet new people, but, during the conversation I would talk about some of the ideas I had in mind and pretty much every one of them either helped me fine tune my idea or connected me to someone who had more info.
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My experience is different bc I joined Lunchclub with the specific purpose of finding tech resources. Even though I specifically marked tech people, I kept getting marketing / biz people. If I was just looking for interesting discussions, I’d say LC is pretty darn great at connecting interesting people. Many will offer to follow up with links etc and that rarely happens but the discussions themselves were often interesting. It’s just that I signed up with a specific purpose that wasn’t met so I stopped after six weeks.
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Hi! I’m on week 5 on LunchClub and have thoroughly enjoyed the connections I have made. It has helped fill a void that I used to get when attending in-person networking events. What I like best is you chose the topics and the time(s) that work best for you and the LC takes it from there.