Hi everyone! I am currently a knowledge manager and content strategist, I’m Savita Devine.https://www.yunilotusconsulting.com/

🎤Hi everyone! I am currently a knowledge manager and content strategist in higher education, I’m Savita Devine. I lead Enrollment Services knowledge management, privately consult, and operate Yunique Media & Entertainment. I also host a podcast called The Yunique Paradigms Podcast where I share concepts of professional identity, self-concept, and self-efficacy from my research, as well as others that impact us and our communities. Truly, it has been a wonderful platform to help shift paradigms and help empower others.I have completed my undergraduate studies in Business, a Master degree in Public Administration, and Doctorate in Management at University of Phoenix. Ask me anything that you like about philanthropy, higher education, content creation, professional socialization, or professional identity. Sending positive vibrations :)
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Nice to meet you!
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Likewise Hannah, hope you are doing well!