I'm a WOC and the CEO of my company offered me an open-ened ask

I'm pretty early into my career and work at a very small company. I recently disclosed to our staff that I was having a hard time dealing with the loss of my mother a few years ago.

The CEO reached out to me, with a kind message about how much I'm valued at the org. She told me to reach out if there's she can do to lift the burdens off of me.

I'd like to take her up on this offer, but I'm struggling to think of what type of ask would be reasonable for her offer. There's a couple of things I'd like to change in my role (workload, pay), but the reality is that this workplace has been so toxic for me I cannot see myself working here much longer.

Have any of you all delt with anything similar? How'd you approach any asks you've made?

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Bring up those concerns while still looking for another position. I know it's scary, but nothing can be fixed if you don't speak up. Maybe it could even improve.