Looking for feedback on an anti-greenwashing shopping platform (5-minute survey)https://livebybetter.com/feedback/

Hey Elphas!

My name is Gabrielle Mantell and I’ve been building Live By, a shopping platform that uses data to cut through greenwashing and eco-marketing noise.

Currently, the platform is focused on beauty and skincare products but our goal is to eventually assess and verify the environmental claims of all the products. Our goal is to build something so amazingly useful, you absolutely couldn’t imagine living without it.

We’re entering the testing phase now and I’d love to hear your thoughts: https://livebybetter.com/feedback/

Also, if you know anyone else who would be interested in a platform like ours would you mind sharing so that we can have more data from real people and help get rid of greenwashing for good!

In exchange for your time, I’m happy to provide feedback or advice (areas of experience include UX, data, research, entrepreneurship and living abroad) and will also fill out any survey 🙌

Thanks for your help!

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Love it!! So excited to see where you take it!
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That's so great to hear! Thanks for taking the time to check it out 🙏