Looking For Help To Disseminate My Free Fitness App

Help Needed·Mar 22·edit·delete·flagGirls, I am launching a professionally produced fitness app for the 45 plus market next week. I am bootstrapping this and will be looking for people with a marketing/sales/PR/ Social Media marketing background to help. It is a beginners app that doesn't require equipment. It will be offered for free as a public service. I have been developing this for the last year and now understand why every time I wanted to quit God kept me going. It is a soft launch however I need to help people homebound that don't know where to start. Keeping the blood going and the oxygen flowing will be necessary in the days ahead. If you think you can help me with this please let me know. When you see it you will understand why it is unique. If you have any additional idea I would welcome any and all. Blessings and wishes to stay healthy and safe.
Hello Wendy, Great initiative, your app will be useful for sure, especially in this period.What kind of help do you need for now?Best thoughts and wishes from Romania,Orsolya