Free consulting services with a team of MBA students

US: We're a team of passionate & dedicated MBA students at Michigan Ross looking to help You: A startup team will less than 20 ppl but at least 3 teammates. Why: Our class project is to evaluate and provide recommendations to improve team dynamics specifically within startup teams. We're lead by an amazing researching Lindy Greer who was formerly at Stanford and whose research is on team dynamics specifically for startup teams. What: Our team will work with you over the course of 2-3 meetings to identify the current and potential future challenges your team faces in terms of people dynamics (hiring/firing, culture, decision-making procedures, meeting effectiveness, vision-setting, etc). We will then provide recommendations whic will allow you to turn these challenges into opportunities to accelerate the success of your company.If you or someone you know might be interested, please DM me or shoot me an email at gmendie at . Thanks!
Hi, well, it sounds pretty good, sadly I don't have 3 teammates, I wanted to apply.
Sorry about that. I'll post about any other opportunities in the future in case they are a better fit!