Quickest ways to earn passive income?

Hey everyone! I wanna know if anyone here has any suggestions for quick and easy passive income? I was thinking of maybe being a market research participant or a website tester. I'm also not super knowledgeable on where to find opportunities like these - but I'm open to any passive income suggestions under the sun! :)

But if you do happen to know anyone who's doing paid user testing, etc. would love to hear from you!

quick/easy/passive/publicly shared tends to get oversaturated and result in very little income in a short period (see Mechanical Turk for an example of a race to the bottom). Userzoom pays $8 for an on-video test, $5 for a survey. I wouldn't say it's really passive, but you're just futzing about online, then I suppose it is no worse than that. has much more volume but also many more testers competing for the money. Mystery shopping has also picked up again, depending on your area & definition of 'passive'. Rather than opening your net this wide, it probably would help to say what you mean by passive and what you can commit in terms of time blocks and how consistent they are.
I would definitely recommend market research because it can pay more than $100/hr and they are easier to get in my experience. Just find a bunch of websites with good ratings and sign up. I've done it with Google, Hivemind, L&E, etc. and there are also opportunities that pop up on Elpha.If you sign up on Upwork there are sometimes similar opportunities like website testing, product testing, or small easy jobs that aren't too hard. Getting started with writing isn't too hard on Upwork either. You can send me a message if you have more questions.I've done in the past. It pays like $10 per test but you have to spend time applying to a bunch of tests. It was worth it at the time but I make more freelancing on Upwork now (writing).By the way technically none of these incomes are "passive" as you're working to earn the $. Passive income is like earning interest on your investments or getting money from renters. These are more like "online side hustles."Good luck!
I've done my research years ago and what I found is writing an ebook and selling it on Amazon. However, it really depends on your talent / the topic of the book you're going to write...take me for example, I ended up picking a topic that requires a lot of work and years later I still haven't finished that book 🤪. It however became my passion project though. If you write about what you're already an expert in, then it shouldn't take you long. Best of luck!