What is networking on LinkedIn

I kept seeing people mention networking on LinkedIn. But, as a fresh grad, I have no idea how to or even who to reach out to.

I want to break into the product design industry. I have two working experiences. One contract position with a small company, but it's a lead designer role with lots of responsibility and one content design role with a large company with less duty but a longer time frame.

Do I msg a company recruiter? Wouldn't that be transactional since they're strangers and don't know me? I don't have much corporate experience. How does it work exactly?

I apologize for sounding inexperienced. Thanks ahead for any advice.

Hey @kamanau, happy to share some insight on here. Firstly, the job search process is a struggle to both sides of the market, candidates and recruiters, so when you message someone to say hello and express interest, that can actually make their lives easier! Messaging people you don't know is very common and considered perfectly normal in today's time, you can start on Linkedin, but also other networks to build up some confidence sending messages to new people. All you do is send a few sentences about what you're intersted in and that you'd like to be considered for the position. That will give you a good start!
Thank you anna for the advice and for reaching out to me. I really appreciate it <3
Hi @kamanau, first, congrats for asking for advice about this. LinkedIn is an amazing resource for everything business related, including career searches. The adage, "Who you know is more important than what you know" is very true. Building your network is essential for moving up the ladder of your career. Here are a few tips on using LinkedIn effectively.#1: Reach out to recruiters. A simple connection request with a note like, "Hi, I noticed that you are in XYZ field and would love to connect and be a resource for any openings you may have where I may be a good match."#2: Make sure you are connected with everyone you have ever worked with, gone to school with, been mentored by, etc. Then ask those people if they know anyone that they can introduce you to. Offer the same in return.#3: Always be giving. Leave endorsements and testimonials for people that you believe deserve it. That will keep you top of mind and some will return the favor.#4: BEFORE you reach out to anyone, including recruiters, always look at their recent posts and like, comment, etc. Engage with their content. They will start to see your name and will recognize it when you do reach out to connect. While I am keeping the focus on recruiters, you can do the same for key people in the companies you want to work for who could turn out to be your peers or managers.Best of luck!
Thank you danay for the advice and the steps. I will start trying!
Thanks for your steps. I will start trying these.
Networking on LinkedIn can be really simple! Here's what I suggest to people who are new to LinkedIn: 1. Search for people on LinkedIn who are in the product design industry (using the search bar). 2. Follow them and click the bell on their profile so you're notified when they post. 3. When they post, leave a thoughtful comment. Do NOT leave a vague comment like "This is great!" 4. Continue to do this and over time, they will notice you. This is how you build a non-transactional, genuine relationship. I have a LinkedIn checklist for newbies, so if you're interested, let me know and I'd be happy to send it over to you.
Thanks for your steps. I will start trying these.
My pleasure! Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn (add a note that you found me on Elpha):
Hi @susanlee. I will send you a invite on Linkedin. I would love to connect with you and others there. Let's create a web and share contacts. Gabriella :)
What kind of web do you need to create? I am web developer :D
I have sent an invite. Please check :)
Congrats on graduating! Trying to build a network on LinkedIn can be rough. A lot of cold outreach goes unanswered, and you're not even really sure how much the other person could or would help you. You may want to consider finding a mentor on a site like Merit ( that has lots of mentors available to meet with for free. This kind of helps avoid the cold outreach part: these people made themselves available as mentors because they want to help. Plus, a platform like this gives you a lot of options for designers to talk to across companies. You may also want to join tech and/or design communities, which are full of fellow designers (including hiring managers) looking to make connections and help each other out. If you're not sure about which mentorship platform you might want to use, there are a lot of lists available online, like this one:
Thank you! I been talking to adplist mentor, they're amazing and helped me a lot! I will keep trying and hopefully land a job