I'm new here so wanted to briefly introduce myself

Always open to mutually supporting each-other's journey💃🔺Kellie the person:My name is Kellie from a wee town called Dungiven in Northern Ireland, where sheep are our only friends, & I laugh at the silliest things, eat twice as much as the average male, and could talk the leg of a chair (if only it could talk back😂)My humour sometimes gets me in trouble (oops), because being Irish, we tend to find things funny that are not always quite understood 😜....but it is always delivered with positive intentions🤗If I am in your corner I am ferociously supportive and will walk through fire to help you (ok that was a little dramatic HA but when i care, I care HARD!I am me, and there is nobody else that I would rather be...simples 😀🔺Kellie the business woman:(#thestartupwhisperer)VP of people & partnerships at Startup ROI a global innovation startup accelerator on a mission to find the next game-changing #startup in emerging tech.Supporting #founders in their journey to greatness from "idea to traction", providing crucial growth resources including (but not limited to) potential big tech partnerships, talent, MVP, VC, funding and much more.Lead by successful serial #entrepreneurs , #VC 's, awarded #talent professionals & successful #startup founders🔺 We first show you how it's done & introduce you to the people/resources that can help make the next steps happen...🔺 Next we hold your hand supporting you while you implement what you have learned...🔺 Then we help you flourish and are here to support you for life! The end of your accelerator journey does not mean the end of your journey with us.Startup ROI is a company formed by our parent firm RECIPROCITY ROI, LLC & business partner Konnectic Energy Web Agency & Startup Studio .I am also the founder of Empire Headhunters our startup talent agency (subsidiary of Reciprocity ROI)Always #opentoconnect & support each other's journey - I like to talk to the people behind the profiles 🙂Have a superfantastical day little pictures inside my phone