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YES! Before I became a mom, I never realized how MUCH of motherhood is straight up like Fight Club. "First rule is, you never talk about Fight Club" There's so much pain and stress in this journey that people ever talk about openly which is insane! Its also tough because society doesn't want to hear how difficult of a time a mother is having. Only that mothers should just fully love and embrace motherhood and it completes them. Which is NOT THE REALITY AT ALL. We need to start normalizing that while mothers may wholeheartedly love being a mom, they don't need to whole heartedly love parenting or even being a mom sometimes! I love your mission because mothers have this pressure on them that is incredibly unique. Thanks for sharing, Kelli!
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Thanks for your thoughtful reply, Hannah! Oh, the things no one tells you...right!? Your comment about society not wanting to hear how difficult a time a mom is hearing is TOO TRUE. I'm glad you're on board with normalizing moms not having to do and be everything!!