Looking to connect and seeking job referrals

Hello Elpha Community,

I hope you are having a great week so far.

I recently moved to Chicago, and I'm on the lookout to meet new people and new job opportunities in digital marketing or advertising and would greatly appreciate your support with referrals. Specifically, I'm interested in roles like Digital Marketing Account Manager, Account Supervisor, Marketing Account Manager, and/or Marketing Coordinator, in the marketing or advertising industry.

With over four years of experience as a Digital Marketing Account Manager, I've had the privilege of working and managing award-winning digital marketing projects, for major nonprofits like the UNICEF, UNFPA, and World Health Organization.

I'd be happy to schedule a quick call, and to connect through LinkedIn.

Here is my portfolio with some of my projects

Thank you in advance!

Hi Natalia, just FYI that I changed your tag from Job Board (which is for people listing job openings) to job hunting.
Congrats on the move, Natalia! Where were you before and why Chicago (if I may ask)?Here are some resources for you for your search,, hiring.cafeand then a couple of roles that might be of interest,, this is an old post but it's in chicago
Thank you so much for the resources Iynna!And happy to answer your question and share my story:). To give you some context, I was born in the United States but was raised in Bolivia, where I also met my husband. As every couple we had/have big dreams together. One of them was to move to Chicago someday. We got married in April of 2021. A year later, we thought it was better I get ahead and move to the United States by myself so I could start settling in. The paperwork to get him the resident visa was supposedly going to take a few months (it ended up taking 10!). So, to make it easier for me at the beginning, I moved to Charlotte, NC where my sister lives. It was great, I got a job and an apartment, and I was close to my sister and niece, priceless! But finally, in December of 2022, my husband arrived in the United States, the perfect Christmas gift! In February of 2023, I got laid off, and our apartment lease was ending in August. For us, those were just signs it was time to make our dream come true. So after 4 years of dreaming, on August 20th we finally got to Chicago, super excited for all the new adventures to come. And here I am, new to the city, ready to meet new people, and 110% ready to get my dream job :D! Dreams do come true!