New Roles @ Muck Rack πŸ“°πŸŒŽ

Hi everyone 👋 A few new engineering roles (in addition to customer success and sales) have opened for my company Muck Rack and I wanted to post them here! If you want to know more, you can read about my experience as a software engineer here.

Here are some of our open roles:

- Full Stack Engineer - Marketing ($131,000 - $152,000)

- Senior Data Scientist ($140,000 - $172,000)

- Senior Search Engineer ($140,000 - $170,000)

- Senior Software Engineer, Back-End ($140,000 - $170,000)

- Senior Software Engineer, Front-End ($140,000 - $170,000)

- Analytics Engineer ($45/$48 per hour)

and more!

For more info on our geo-neutral approach to pay, feel free to read this article: Work remotely from (almost anywhere): Inside Muck Rack's geo-neutral approach to pay. If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out!

Neat! Your website mentions your team is distributed, does that mean you are open to folks outside of the US too? If so I can call out Elphas who are based outside @gurupriyaeswaran, @brendahtuzu, @tamsengalloway check if any marketing related roles are out there, @jyob - lots of SWE roles that might be a fit for you?, @shrutinayak the company might be interesting given your interest in writing etc? @tiawhipple maybe some HR stuff for you to check out @iye you have a year to go but maybe a company to add to your roster :)
Thank you @iynna for the mention. There is no role that fits my skillset here at the moment but i will keep checking :)
Thank you for the mention. No roles for me at the moment, but I will definitely keep checking
Sounds like a great company! No roles for me right now but I will keep checking!
Ahh! that's a good call and I hope you and @gracelu can connect!
Also @tamsengalloway we have an amazing guest for Office Hours this week, maybe someone to know/connect with given she has had a prolific career in marketing as well
Thank you, I applied for the fullstack marketing role.
Hello, I would like to inquire if your company has opportunities for entry-level SDE positions?
Hi Tang Liang, at the moment we do not have any entry-level positions but I'll definitely post them here when they're available!
I use Muck Rack on a daily basis! I'm a publicist! Out of everything that's out there, you guys are the best! I hope in a near future you guys become more robust internationally! But for now, you guys are awesome!